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Altavia Travel

Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +381 38 / 543543
+381 38 / 243517

Luan Haradinaj No. 27,
10000 Pristina, Kosovo

Opening Hours

Altavia Travel

Our company’s office in the airport works 24/7. One of staff’s main responsibilities in the airport is to offer assistance to our client’s that departs or arrives in the airport.

From February 1st , 2017, in the airport office we will start to offer a new service for additional assistance called “Bon Voyage”. This service is offered free of charge to all our client’s that have booked their flight ticket with us. The client’s that will depart from Pristina International Airport will be contacted by our staff before the flight and will get free additional assistance.

Bon-voyage service includes:

  1. Reminding via phone call or SMS, for the client’s flight that day, and when the check-in desk is open.
  2. Preliminary seat allocation
  3. Airport status information, weather condition, flight status i.e. delays, cancalation’s
  4. Assistance and advice on the airport i.e. concerning check-in, exceeded baggage, seat reservation, in case of cancelation assist on changing the dates
  5. Automacit notificatoin via SMS in time and in case of flight schedule change.  

Advantages for our clients

  1. Avoiding additional costs that might occur by forgetting or misunderstanding i.e. passenger late arrival at airport, misinterpretation of flight schedule and other rules
  2. In time information in case of delays or cancelation especially during the winter season
  3. Faster and esier procesing at the airport
  4. Greater comfort during the flight by reserving plane seat before arriving at the airport
  5. Short waiting when you need to change your ticket after a cancelation i.e. cancelation due to weather condition or technical problems
  6. Better information for services offered by the airline or airport 

Who is eligeble for Bon-voyage service

  1. During the booking process passengers mobaile number should be given, since this is the way that we will contact the passenger or his/her acompanion
  2. The flight should be either from or to Pristina
  3. The service is only for AltaVia Travel clients 

Since this service will help you to reduce your expenses, save time and increase the flight quality, we would be much thankful if all our clients would give us their correct mobile phone number during their booking process.

The information that you will provide us will be used only for service perpuses not for marketing purposes.