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Altavia Travel

Lufthansa City Center

Telephone: +381 38 / 543543
+381 38 / 243517

Luan Haradinaj No. 27,
10000 Pristina, Kosovo

AltaVia Travel in cooperation with CIEE Work & Travel USA takes you on a great adventure to the United States. It is a journey of cultural discovery, learning about life in America, making friends, having a job, and exploring.

We connect you with employers who know that what you find when you reach the United States is important. They’re giving you more than a job. They are giving you the chance to see America in a whole new way. And AltaVia Travel and CIEE Work & Travel USA does all we can to make your experience rich and meaningful, with special events just for CIEE students, cultural guidance, and tips on things to see and do while you are in the United States.

Do you have questions about CIEE Work & Travel USA, or living and working in the United States? We’ve got the answers. How do you find a job? What do you need to do to get ready? What can you expect when you arrive?

A Trip to Remember Forever

There’s no doubt: this is a terrific way to spend a university break. Students who come to the United States through AltaviaTravel and CIEE Work & Travel USA learn a lot – about America, about working with others, and about themselves. It’s all thanks to focus on cultural exchange and support. Time after time, our students tell us how we’ve helped them gain independence, maturity, and life skills that prepare them for the future. And along the way, they’ve had a great time!

When embarking on a CIEE Work & Travel USA program, students take responsibility for themselves, work, and share experiences with people across America. The employers with whom CIEE works are proud to be part of that discovery, giving our participants a head start in life.

For more information please contact us.