General Travel Terms and Condition


1. Registration and Payment

The passenger for travelling needs to appear at Altavia Travel (hereinafter: organizer) and at any authorized agency (hereinafter: the mediator). When confirmation for travel mediator does not write features broker is responsible for implementing the program as a travel organizer. 

The notification shall take effect when the contract conclusion is confirmed by certificates on travel writing (hereinafter: contract). Upon notification, the passenger is obliged to make advance payment in the amount of 30% of the price of the arrangement, while the remaining amount due will be paid until 15 days before the date of travel, unless the tour is not assigned in another way. If the passenger does not pay in full, in due time, it considered that the trip was cancelled.



The rights and obligations of the organizer are:

To notify the passenger for general travel conditions,

To provide a passenger travel program,

Provision of insurance to passengers which consist of: health insurance for the passenger during the stay abroad

To ensure the rights and interests of passengers in accordance with the working properties in this subject

The adequate remuneration for passenger compensation in the case of written complaints submitted in a timely manner due to failure of partial or complete services mentioned in the travel program.



It is the right and obligation of the passenger:

To be fully informed of the tour, the conditions of the travel and insurance, which on the occasion of conclusion of the contract (on its own behalf and on behalf of beneficiaries for whose needs conclude contract), confirms accepting  the statement clause  "I'm familiar with the program and general travel conditions and fully accept. Certify that travel insurance is offered "

Amount to be paid the agreed conditions and in the manner provided in the tour,

Organizer be delivered on time all information and documents required for travel arrangements

Guarantees that he, his documents, luggage, etc. fulfill the conditions set by the laws of our country, country of transit and destination country (border laws, customs, sanitary, monetary and other laws)

Pay compensation which shall cause the organizer or third persons if they break other laws or regulations and these conditions,

Determine the other person to travel instead of his / her (provided that person meets the requirements set for the particular trip) and organizer to be compensated expenses incurred in case of change.

The passenger must give the correct personal data (address, telephone number: landline and mobile). If the passenger can not be contacted due to any change of travel, the organizer shall not be entitled to any compensation.



Prices are in foreign currency, according to where the reservation is made, and the final payment is made in euro at the rate of sale the day of payment, unless the travel program is not otherwise provided. Prices are formed on the basis of the working policy of the organizer and can not be subject to appeal / complaint. The organist can provide the services that are used primarily in foreign countries, the traveler / customer pays directly ino-partner. Tourist trip includes at least two combination of the following services: transport service, resort-conductor leader, accommodation, food or its preparation and organization of travel services for which the price is defined in the travel program. If mentioned in the tour, tourist travel may contain airport taxes and spending local leaders as well as professional etc.

Package price (unless another agreement) does not include optional walks, 

Costs for obtaining the visa,

Tickets for facilities that are visited,

Insurance, which is done separately,

Additional services: room service, air-conditioning tools, sports, medical, telephone, etc.).

All types of special services (one-bed room, extra meals, etc.), the passenger pays separately and is obliged to order by the case of registration of travel. If the passenger requires a special service in the travel time, the same pay ino partner representatives in the currency of the country in which it is located, ie the person who provides the services. The organizer can not be responsible for optional services and other services made at the request of the traveler of which makes and pays ino-partner, or the person who provides the services that are not included in the tour.



The tour may require a price increase awarded if after the conclusion of the contract has been changes in the exchange rate: local currency compared with the currency introduced in pricing and in all other cases the change in the exchange rate compared with currency issued travel program, changes in tariffs carrier. To increase the price to publish up to 10% do not need the agreement of the passenger, while the price increase can be valid only for services that are not paid by the traveler. If the increase of the total price is more than 10%, the passenger may, by resignation written to cancel the contract without the obligation of compensation, but no later than within 48 hours after delivery of the written notice of where the information that the price rise is cause in this case is entitled to reimbursement of that paid to the organizer. If the aforementioned term passenger does not inform in writing to the organizer for his withdrawal from the contract, it is considered that it complies with the new price.



Places provide facilities and means of travel etc. organizer programs are described according to the official categorization of the country at the time of publication of the travel program. Food, comfort and other services are categorized by local-national laws by the tourism departments, while accommodation and service standards are different and not comparable by destination. Hotels are responsibility of providing services.



Unless there is an agreement for the passenger placement with special requirements, will accept any officially registered accommodation facility placement described in the tour (hotel voucher). The traveler will have responsibility for information and rules of conduct in certain parts of the object placement which may apply to the disposal of money or other things of value, bringing food or drinks in the room, observance of the rule, not the possibility to be accommodated in the room before the scheduled time, the obligation to vacate the room at a certain time etc. The organizer cannot be responsible for damages which have been caused to disrespect the rules and orders. Unless otherwise agreed, placing the passenger in the facility earlier can be made after 16:00 on the day of commencement of usage, but the check-out of the room is the latest by 09:00 on the day of completion of services. Appropriate rules and principles shall apply to passenger transport and transfer.



All the conditions published in the travel program are valid for citizens of Kosovo only. The organizer is not obliged to inform passengers / citizens of other states with the conditions applying to a particular country or transit, but it is his obligation to provide the documents and the person at fixed conditions and in order. Passenger travelling in foreign countries must have valid travel documents and timely submit all necessary information and documents for a visa, if provided by the organizer. On the contrary, it is deemed that the passenger has withdrawn from travelling. The tour does not guarantee for visa and assumes no liability for non-regularity of travel documents or if the border authorities - immigration services do not approve transit, entering or staying of the passenger. If travel can not be realized due to the reasons given, then the paragraph 10 conditions are applied.



The organizer can cancel the trip entirely or partly, in the event of extraordinary circumstances which existed at the time when the publication of the travel program would excuse to not to publish the program and do not sign contracts. If the travel program is not listed separately, to realize the trip, a smaller number of passengers registered at certain vehicle travel should be:

Travelling by bus, 30 passengers

Travelling by plane regular lines in Europe, 20 passengers

Intercontinental travel line - 15 passengers

Contracted for a special trip, aircraft-charter lines, or trains at least 80% of their capacity to meet.

The organizer reserves the right to change the day or hour of travel, and the right to change the direction of travel, in case of change of transportation conditions (change of schedule of flights, the security situation in the particular country, or other circumstances extraordinary), without the obligation of payment of damage, namely the payment of any compensation to the passenger. Setting the tune can be changed only by another object placement in the same category or higher, which runs at the expense of the organizer. The passenger is obliged to accept the change of setting to another object of the same category or higher in the same place. Placing objects lowest category can be done only with the consent of the traveler as well as the payment of compensation in accordance with the reduction of category of the set.

The organizer does not take responsibility for changing the travel program in case of unforeseen circumstances. If the trip is interrupted due to justified reasons, the organizer is entitled to charge for services that are actually provided. The organizer is authorized to cancel the trips in case of not warning enough passengers, which is obliged to inform the passengers no later than 5 days prior to the date of travel forecast, in order to return funds paid in full at the latest 15 days from the date of cancellation.


The passenger has the right to withdraw from the trip, and in such a case he is obliged to inform the organizer for such a decision in writing. Date of receipt of the letter with notice of cancellation is the basis for calculation of compensation to the organizer, displayed in percentage compared to the total price of the trip, such as:

10% if the trip is canceled 30 days prior to travel departure,

25% if the trip is canceled 29 to 21 days,

50% if the trip is canceled 21 to 14 days,

75% if the trip is canceled 14 to 7 days

100% if the trip is canceled 7 day travel to or after the commencement of travel.

The passenger is not entitled to request a discount of arrangement if for any reason the price cuts. This is important since the confirmation of the price with the organizer made at the time of booking the first payment respectfully. Change of travel date set, i.e placement facility, room or apartment is considered as withdrawal from the trip traveler.

The passenger is obliged to compensate his organizer only for real costs, i.e costs incurred until the cancellation came due to which there may prescribe, diseases or death: the passenger, husband, wife, sister / brother, first cousin, or call for military services or obligation and officially declared disaster. For the above cases the passenger is obliged to give documentary evidence  to the organizer. If the organizer finds a substitute for those who cancel their reservation for any reason, it is not obliged to return the money and the conditions of cancellation enter into force in the same way as above (see above penalties which are in case of cancellation).

11. Compensation

If the services of a travel program are not made wholly, the passenger may seek compensation in change, while organizer submits the written complaint and reason. Each passenger - the contract holder makes particular appeal, as the organizer will not accept to review complaints for compensation in groups.

Complaint procedures when:
the passenger is obliged to state the place of establishment of complaint about inadequate service, representatives of the organizer or a person authorized to provide services. The traveler is obliged to cooperate with the organizer and intermediary services provided in good faith in order to avoid the grounds of appeal. If the traveler on site does not accept the solution offered which fits the paid service, organizer will not make compensation for advertising passenger, if the cause of the complaint is not eliminated on the spot, the traveler with the organizer or intermediary services will write two copies of the certificate which is signed by both parties. The traveler keeps a copy of the certificate.

If the cause of the complaint is the scene removed the passenger is obliged to sign the certificate for the same, and on the contrary the fact that continued exercise of choice by offering, considered that the travel program is fully implemented.

No later than 8 days after returning from the trip, if the reason for the complaint is not removed at the scene, the passenger has the right to make a written complaint with the attachment of proof organizer and eventual accounts for payment of additional costs. The organizer is obliged to take into consideration only complaints justified and documented within.

the organizer is obliged to submit to the passenger in written reply within 15 days from the date the complaint was received. The organizer will select only those complaints, the reason for which has not been possible to avoid the travel case. If the traveler accepts the proposal of the organizer is obliged to sign the certificate of payment of compensation to the passenger clause has no other claim on any ground by the organizer.

While the organizer within the aforementioned brings the written reply, the passenger has no right to have the mediation of any other person, judicial institutions or the provision of information to the public purse. Compensation in the complaint can only reach the advertised amount for the service will not include the services used, as well as to achieve the full value of the travel program.


Transfer of luggage has a certain importance which defines the airline, the weight limit is free. Overweight luggage price is paid by the passenger for certain airline. When it comes to transport by bus passenger has the right to have 2 luggage. Children up to the age of 2 are not entitled to free luggage.

The tour does not take responsibility for luggage lost, damaged or stolen. The passenger is obliged to care for of their own things, which were in the vehicle, namely getting the luggage which was delivered to the carrier in place of deployment respectively. All his rights referred passenger realizes directly by the carrier, the provider of services for placement etc., And according to international laws and domestic laws.


The passenger is obliged to strictly respect local customs laws and foreign currency, as in Kosovo, transit countries and countries where he/she is travelling, so that in case of no possibility to continue the journey all the consequences and costs are taken by the passenger.


Passengers should posses documentation proving that they vaccinations and other documents for adequate verification. Pregnant women also can not travel without a prescription issued by the doctor. The passenger must take care individually.


In case of loss of travel and other identity documents, the passenger is responsible for all the costs for issuing of new documents and all other expenses occurred.


The tour operator is not obliged to offer the passenger the opportunity for health insurance policy while abroad. If the passenger does not require health insurance on the trip, then the organizer makes no payments for passengers health insurance.


Information, which differs from the travel program are not to be paid by the organiser of the trip. 


Conditions that apply to discounts for children, as well as other benefits which are listed separately on the tour are determined by the hotel and other providers of services and they should be interpreted restrictively (i.e. for children under the age of 2 years relevant calendar date when the child reaches the age of 2 years and no further day and this applies to the duration of the trip, also taken into account the age of the birthday date).


Any possible disputes between the parties shall be referred to the Basic Court in Prishtina.


These general conditions of travel apply to all trips, tours and travel arrangements organized by Altavia Travel. These general conditions of travel apply until the company makes any difference.


The passenger one day before the trip must call Altavia Travel at: +381 38543543 or any authorised agents to confirm the departure time or any changes in the tript. 


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